Spirits are a supernatural species.

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Spirits, or ghosts, is a soul or spirit of a deceased person, taken to be capable of appearing in visible form or otherwise manifesting itself to the living. The main reason they return from the dead is because they have unresolved business on Earth that they have to complete before they can move on.



The general appearance of a Spirit is how the person had died or in the case of Teresa Goodwin, how the body's condition currently looks like. (Surfacing)

If posessing a person, the eyes of the possessed is a smokey white color. However, the eyes can be returned to normal (the possessed's natural eye color). (Surfacing)


The Spirit has powers of appearing and disappearing, possession, and holding onto someone. Teresa possessed Sarah and held Charlie under the water to get him to drown. (Surfacing)

Spirits are known to affect the electricity in the room/building if it appears. (Surfacing)


Generally, only the person the spirit is haunting can see spirit, however, the spirit can still interact and affect its surroundings if it wishes along with other people. (Surfacing)

The possessed do not have memories of the time being possessed, it's unknown if that's just because the spirit didn't want the possessed to know or if it's just impossible for the possessed to have knowledge of the events. (Surfacing)


There is currently no known weaknesses of ghosts in The Gates universe. However, they can't cross a line of salt. Its possible that Salt could be ghosts only weakensses, but it's unknown as of right now.

Human self defensesEdit

  • Putting salt at all windows and doors prevents a spirit from entering the house, however it will not protect you if the spirit is already inside. (Surfacing)
  • Mainly to get rid of the spirit, you must help it move on. (Surfacing)
  • Devon gives Nick tea to drink twice a day for a few weeks to get rid of the spirit. However, it is currently unknown if it would have worked or made things even worse. (Surfacing)

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