Succubi are a female species of demons in The Gatescycc





Succubus look like humans, but possibly more attractive than average humans to probably lure in victims.

They also have a rash that appears on their back that grows when sucking in energy from another person's body. It's unknown if it's just an half-succubus thing or every Succubus that has it.

"Andie, that rash on your back, that is not a good sign. The more depleted your body gets, the larger it'll grow. And the more you're gonna feel compelled to find a source of life force to replenish yourself." (Peg Mueller)



Andie's powers activated by Brett's kiss.

As a Succubus, their bodies lose energy which causes them to when intimate with someone have the ability to drain that someone's life force

Andie, a half-succubus

, allowing the succubus' body energy to balance and feel rejuvenated. Their victim, however, loses that energy and depending on how long they are intimate results to feeling sick, passing out, or death.


It is possible, as seen by Andie Bates, that a succubus and a human can have offspring together. However, later in life of the offspring, they do become a succubus.


It's currently unknown if there is any sort of cure to being a succubus.

  • Peg Mueller believes she might have created a herbal product that might be able to repress the Succubus gene that sucks out energy. (Repercussions) However because it made Andie Bates feel sick, she stopped taking it.
  • Mrs. Bates was able to manage to somewhat control her powers, or keep them at a bay for a time, until one day she couldn't control herself (couldn't stop herself) any longer resulting in Thomas Bates having to kill her. (Repercussions)
  • Mia Mueller gives Andie a remedy containing Devil's Weed created by Devon to help her. It seems, so far, to work. (Identity Crisis)


It's currently unknown if there is any other types of succubi out there.

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The below is a list of appearances of Succubi as they use their powers or the transformation to become one.

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